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DataparkSearch 4.41 [eng]

A new version of DataparkSearch 4.41 has been released. Changes since previous release are:

  • A small bug in optimisation of corrupted cache database has been fixed.
  • The CharsToEscape command has beed added. Use it to specify the list of characters to escape for $∓(x) search template meta-variables.
  • The Neo PopRank has been slightly modified.
  • Incorrect processing of LocalCharset has been fixed for non-multithread version.
  • exec: virtual scheme has been fixed.
  • An option for install.pl has been added to select the support for extra charsets.
  • "AddURl: URL not found" erroneous warning has been fixed for case when UseCRC32URLId is enabled.
  • A new command "MarkForIndex yes/no" has been added.
  • mod_dpsearch can now be built without SQL-server support for cache mode only version. Use --enable-apachecacheonly switch for configure to enable and cache:// dbtype for DBAddr command in mod_dpsearch related configuration files.
  • The growing of error message has been fixed for mod_dpsearch.
  • A new command "ReplaceVar name value" has been added.
  • The "near" search mode has been fixed.
  • The Summary Extraction Algorithm (SEA) has been modified for better performance.

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