Quaero — будущий европейский гугл

На вторую половину января назначена презентация нового поисковика Quaero ("искать" на латыни) -- европейского проекта по созданию мультимедийного поисковика, способного конкурировать с американским Google.

В проекте приннимают участие такие компании как Deutsche Telekom, France Télécom и Thomson, хай-тековские компании: Bertin Technologies, Exalead, Jouve, LTU и Vecsys, исследовательские институты: Inria, Inra и CNRS, а также ряд поставщиков контента.


Quaero — будущий европейский гугл: 8 комментариев

  1. Jenny Margotin

    Quaero ? I don't think so !!!

    Quaero is a political search engine for European and I believe it will go no where !

    The french president came up with this concept , he is so funny !!!

    Some European might use this "Quaero" but they really make me laugh when they say it's going to compete with Google.com ! What a joke !

    Now let me share what i know. There is an international search engine coming up in April 2006. Its name is MEGAGLOBE.

    Now MEGAGLOBE will be translated in more than 150 languages and will have billions of pages.

    MEGAGLOBE will also have sponsored results with a new concept. Now Google might not like that at all...But who cares ? Competition is good.

    Jenny Margotin

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  3. Maxilian

    Hey there,

    Megaglobe is the new international search engine coming up in march 2006 with billions results and 0% click fraud. It's an American search engine and the company is Megaglobe Inc !!!

    I heard that hey're coming up with a new concept to protect their advertisers from click fraud, this is going to help a lot of people like me who can't advertise on search engine like Google with the keyword "mesothelioma" for exemple cause the single click costs $100 !!!

    This is ridiculous isn't it ? So i can't wait for search engine like Megaglobe to go live cause it's gonna help small businesses like me.

    Tha'ts a good thing i guess.


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